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  What can you expect? (Hint: Awesomeness)

Rachel Capicotto
What Matters Most To Me: Getting my shit together, so I can focus on my health, spend more time with my loved ones, and utilize the tools here so that I don't continue to be a full-time babysitter at work.
Rio McCarthy
What Matters Most To Me: As one giant lump all "My Art", which I would say not only just having more time to learn and grow as an artist, but to have time to finally get to try out different tutorials and things I've wanted to do for ages. I also want to get more organized and timely with my business, so that everything will run more smoothly, and I'll have time for the other things.
Laura Hutchinson
Encouraging creativity is so important for personal growth, especially if it's your "thing". Take it one step at a time (maybe one tutorial a week, or one hour a week on organising your business) and you'll be there before you know it! =)
Being able to spend more time volunteering in the non profits I left (because the pay was barely enough to survive on). More time in the communities I care about. Scheduling MORE travel time that's vacation time (not work trips with a tiny bit of vacation added in there). And sculpting/developing that as an extra income stream.
Laura Hutchinson
That all sounds excellent! I love that all of them are about YOU and nourishing YOUR soul, not about what you think you should be doing. Kudos to you for taking care of yourself. :D
Ruth Charlton
What matters most to me

Quality time with my family and friends: I want to get all those pesky to dos off my mind so that I can not only spend more time with my family, but be more present while I'm there.

Personal/professional development: This may seem contradictory considering what I wrote above but I also want to develop my skills so that I can not only manage whatever is thrown at me at work, I can get it done well and develop new skills to progress my way up the ladder.

Part of that development for be is developing side businesses, not only for extra streams of income for more financial security for the family, but to develop new skills.

Oh and have time for personal development.

So become a Teflon coated productivity ninja basically.
Laura Hutchinson
Sounds like you've come to the right place. ;)

Mine are the same as yours: grow my business into an empire, while also having even more free time to spend with my family and friends.

Do you have a particular skill in mind that you want to learn?