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  Welcome! Who am I to be telling you what to do?

I'm so excited to do this - thanks for all your super hard work! xo
Martha E. Salter
You know, I haven't ever done an online course like this so I'm just a bit nervous. But I've watched some of your YouTube material, and I know I need this boost to productivity.... otherwise I will die with a 27-page to-do list. Plus, I am really hoping the sense of humor you show on YouTube is here too; I think that will help me a lot.
Elizabeth Cooper
Looking forward to starting.. I enrolled a while back but I'm struggling to find my mojo..
Excited to get started, sometimes I feel like I'm ''drowning'' in shit. Time to get it together! xx Whoop. Whoop.
Teresa Davis
Me, too. I am feeling hopeful, though, after visiting HTGYST site, seeing videos on YouTube, and signing up for this course. Looking forward to working my way through.
Laura Hutchinson
You can do it!
Laura Hutchinson
Another drowning victim here. ;) This course contains all my best "life rafts" to make sure you not only stay afloat, but swim to freedom and success. :D
Right I whizzed through it, i've got my lists and a day planner. Just going to re-start the course and make sure I do everything right x
Laura Hutchinson
How are you getting on now, Olivia? =)
Michelle Jump
Hi Laura, I'm so excited to be doing your course - thanks so much for putting all of your research and experience together into such a digestible form for the rest of us! :) I'm sure you must be able to read minds??! I love your Networking as an Introvert video - discovered I am INFJ on the Myers-Briggs typing system and can totally relate to all of your content - thank you. :) Many thanks and by the way the Cookie Monster PJs rock. :D
Laura Hutchinson
INFJ here too! Twinsies! :D

Hope you love the course. x
Rachel Capicotto
☺ Ready to go!
Laura Hutchinson
That's what I like to hear! :D
Hayley Ford
I'm so looking forward to studying this course. I recently went back to work full time and it was a bit of a shock to the system!
I desperately want to Konmari my whole house and life whilst also building up a side line of selling on eBay and maybe Etsy.
No pressure then! LOL xx
Laura Hutchinson
One step at a time though, eh? ;) But you're definitely in the right place. And the Facebook group is great if you're looking for some support and a bit of a cheerleading squad. :D
Samantha Simpson
Super excited to get my shit together and get back on track to growing my business. I'm hoping to get more time to work on my blog and grow my community.
Laura Hutchinson
Exciting! Doing that myself, Sam, so we're in the same boat together. These are the strategies I've used to help me get more work done on my business while also looking after a toddler. Maybe write down where you are right now in terms of page views, social media followers, time spent, etc. and then look back in a month or so after you've implemented some of the information in this course. See how far you've come. =)
Natasha Miller
So glad I signed up - Thank you Laura
Laura Hutchinson
Thank YOU, Tash. Great to see you over in the Facebook group. :D
Barbara Mudge
I'm so excited about this. Starting fresh on a new way of thinking and doing.
Laura Hutchinson
Excited to have you on board, Barbara! :D
Gretchen Brister
Oops...Blog details?
Laura Hutchinson
In the "How You Can Find Me" section. =)